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Changelog: v1.9 - 2023.10.25

New Functionality:

1. Folders and single Workflow import/export functionality was implemented:

  • Folders and Workflow export:

    • New action was added to the folders toolbar, folder context menu and Workflow Grid.

    • Users are able to create an export file in .o2e format for further importing it to the folders structure.

    • Export file Name editing is supported.

    • Users are able to create a secured export (add password to imported file).

  • Folders and Workflow import:

    • New action was added to the folders toolbar and folder context menu.

    • User is able to insert a password for secured files.

2. Hidden folders and Exempt Workflows and Templates logic was added to the System:

  • Admin user is able to mark folder as Hidden so it visible only for Admin.

  • Admin can mark folder as hidden using “Hide/Unhide” or “Properties” context menu options.

  • Once folder is marked as hidden, all nested objects (child folders and Workflows) get exempted from consumption calculation.

  • Admin can mark template as exempt. After that only Admin can view such template and use during exempt Workflow configuration.

  • During processing, exempt Workflows and Templates are skipped by license checks.

3. Copy/Paste and module Duplication features were added to the Workflow Editor:

  • Copy and Paste:

    • New context menu options were added to conduct Copy/Paste and module Duplication.

    • User can copy Module/Selection/Group and paste it to the same or other Workflow. Feature works for all browsers.

    • When user pastes to the Workflow of different instance, system clears all customer-related fields (accounts, templates etc.)

  • Duplication:

    • User can duplicate module so it automatically adds to the Workflow with the same parameters as original one.

Enhancements and Updates:

  • Removed deprecated ParseArrayData switch; Enabled Processing Sync/Async switch, payload parsing is now determined from this control's setting.

  • Logic update to manual recovery firing from events grid; Additional event status validation to verify event is Canceled and being recovered and is not an active process.

  • WHE and FFM modules were updated to support JSON Payload the same way as other Input Trigger Modules. Adds payload override and merge options.

  • Added Exempt and Exemption Key support to BUS_Workflow, BUS_Workflow_Draft, BUS_Workflow_Folder, and Template Repos and their Models.

  • WHE - Updated Class Namespaces.

  • Removed Legacy ErrorRepo logging dependency from Webhooks Controller class.

Application Corrections and Bug Fixes:

  • ARM - Fixed date range UI control value.

  • WHE - Blocked “Test connection” functionality for not active workflows.

  • DMM - Added module template that is used on the module card.

  • Fixed FE validation for non-recognized templates values.

  • Blocked “Recovery” button for Trigger Events that have Status other than “Canceled”.

  • EMM - DDL Script was updated to not clear EMM Job Events table.

  • SQL - Some UI issues were fixed for Safari browser.

  • SQL - Test SQL connection message was added to the UI.

  • SMS and DTM - ModuleService constructor missing Service and ClassNameSpace property assignments for the BaseService class.

  • Fixed missing Exempt and Exemption_Key fields from the SMS Sender Repo database query.

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