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Changelog: v2.7 - 2024.05.08

New Functionality:

  1. The Global OxyGen Settings page was added to the All Settings dialog for Administration purposes. 

  2. JSON Analysis tool was added for the Incoming/Outgoing payload fields in the Job Event Detail window.

Enhancements and Updates: 

  1. All Frontend Libraries with available updates were brought up to the latest version.

  2. All Backend Libraries with available updates were brought up to the latest version.

  3. Server configuration was switched to Asyncronous API mode to improve performance for jobs that handle larger payloads.

  4. Login after a timeout was updated to retain where the user left off.

  5. Several UI improvements were made to the Asset Manager for a better UX/UI experience.

  • Thumbnails for the Assets (images) were added to speed up the UI display process.

  • The Asset Manager “Delete” Toolbar Item was updated to delete either Asset or Folder.

  • Asset Manager was enhanced to support Keyboard Controls.

  1. Comments Notification Bubble Styling was updated to match app colors.

  2. The ability to review full error messages in a separate dialog was added to the Job Details Dialog.

  3. DAM Logs were expanded to cover exceptions during the Lifecycle Policy run.

  4. EMM was updated to support attachment mode selection. User can either use Directory and extension filters or configure direct File Path using Asset Manager.

  5. SMS Out pins logic was revised: Sent pin gets triggered only once after receiving “Sent” status from Twilio. 

  6. User Name and Password fields auto-population was removed across the application to avoid User Errors.

  7. Help instructions and tooltips were added to several places.

  8. Module validation was added to the BE for proper publication recovery handling.

  9. Critical Warning Indicator logic was moved to the BE and updated to cover: Bus Processing status, EMM/SMS queues status, and Workflow state.

  10. FE and BE publication logic was updated to set Loop Processing mode to Sequential if Looping is off.

  11. Grid filters were updated to a new style for all numeric fields.

  12. DMM, FIM and FTP modules were updated to support both physical and virtual paths for the payload building/reading.

  13. All grids were updated to not allow User to hide the action column while resizing.

  14. FE was updated to trigger WFs Get API to have up-to-date data after the Associated Folder Drag-n-drop action.

Application Corrections and Bug Fixes:

SQL Deadlock Handling Needs to be Implemented in Repos

Sometimes UI shows symbols instead of icons.

SPM, BTI: SPM’s SP and BTI’s Tables validation on publish was missing.

Service Processing Improved Handling of Unexpected Catastrophes.

Hangfire: Changes to the existing schedule should reschedule Hangfire jobs.

BTI: Bulk Processing Not Working

DAM: System should write a log if during LC policy no changes were done due to error.

EMM: Email Attachments Expectation for No Attachments

DAM: Show dialog if Output Directory path is wrong.

DAM: Folder Paths Cannot Be Shared.

DAM: Link to the Internal Container Assets should be hidden.

Import of Root Folder Not Working Correctly.

Verify the Job Instances Are New Each Processing Iteration.

Queue Cancel/Reset All Not Processing All Filtered Records.

Container Type Life Cycle Policy Not Saving.

Select Asset Dialog's Container Infinite Loading.

Custom Workflow Folders Have Disappeared.

Field to enter password was not shown.

Asset Folders with invalid name (.txt for example) can be created but not other CRUD operations.

DnD folders to Hidden folders work unexpectedly

DAM: Retention Policy can not be negative.

WHE: Template can not be deleted.

WHE: Archive WHE Templates are not hidden in the dropdown

WHE: Account can not be deleted.

DAM: Issue with rename folder.

DAM: Filtration is not available for some columns in the Asset Manager dialog.

DAM: Key navigation (enter) is not working for Asset Manager dialogs.

DAM: User should not be able to DnD parent folder to it' child.

DAM/CSV: CSV Issues with Writing File Data/Recent DAM Changes.

DAM: System should unselect assets if user goes to another folder.

DAM: System should not add extension to assets that don't have it.

WHE: Handshake key is missing in the WHE Template

WHE: job details is missing WF and User info

WHE: Failed test run error was not shown on the UI

WFs' Folder-> Properties is missing validation

WHE: job details is missing WF Trigger and Trigger Event info

SCH: Payload Override for Trigger Modules

DAM: Asset manager does not open folder based on the path

Cancel all operation did nothing with stuck WF Triggers

System should not close the Job details dialog after triggering file download

Modules Using Directory Paths Need to Verify an Ending Slash for the Path.

Settings UI is supposed to load in a Model now.

DAM: Container Physical Path is Not Being Created Automatically when Saving Container

SQL: OxyGen is No Longer Compatible with SQL 2008

LBM: Icons are missing in the Custom Output dialog.

WHE: Event Grid and Event Details are Mapping Incorrectly

LBM: Auto layout for custom out pins works incorrectly

Workflow Grid Duplicate Folders.

Insert module into group requires some fixes

Workflow triggers grid filter by date does not work

WF Trigger Status never gets completed

WMS: Job Even status never gets Completed

BTI: processing throws the error even if column is nulled

Validation on name should not be case sensitive

SMS: Provider is missing in the grid

DHE: Type is not shown in the grid

SCH: Error is not informative

Notification bar blocks Navigation Buttons "Current/Archive"

EMM: Queue filtering by email does not work

EMM: Horizontal scrollbar is visible only if there is data in the grid

WHE: Filtering by API and Handshake does not work and breaks UI

WMS: In some cases WF_Id is not set to the Job

Hangfire: Implemented custom logger with logging levels

Loading icon location is wrong

DTM: Replace not supporting Empty String

DMM: Disable Multi-Payload Processing Option

DAM: Schedule resetting overrides Lifecycle Policy configs.

DAM: Schedule resetting overrides Lifecycle Policy configs.

SMS, EMM: Queue event dialog is not blocking action buttons based on the event status.

Invisible buttons in the grids

WF Triggers Grid: filtering by Info and Status gets errored

SMS, EMM: Queue grid sorting and filtration works incorrectly

EMM: Fix for supporting legacy event record email messages with Attachments ContentType property as an object instead of String. 

DAM: Size is not updated from the Get Statistics response

SMS: WF Trigger indicates the error, but all Job events have no errors

SMS: SMS_Response should be stored in the Payload as a json

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