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Changelog: v2.6 and v2.6.1 - 2024.03.22

Updated: May 15

New Functionality:

  1. Digital Asset Manager was improved for better UX and productivity:

  • User can use Select all functionality using a separate icon, drag selection or hot keys. 

  • User can do Assets multi-upload and multi-deletion.

  • Asset manager was rebuilt to support dialog view.

  • Compute statistics logic was added to Containers and Folders.

  • Context menu was added when User makes a right click on the blank space inside the Asset Manager.

  • Containers Grid was expanded to display Lifecycle policy, Container Type, Quota limit.

  • Ability to review a list of Containers that have appropriate Container Type/Lifecycle policy was added to Container Type/Lifecycle policy grids.

  • Drag-n-drop functionality for Folders and Assets was added to the Asset Manager.

  • Separation of configuration for Archive and Regular containers was added to the Container Type dialog. NOTE: value can not be updated after Container type is created.

  1. Lifecycle Container policy was released to the System:

  • The policy governs the retention, quota, and archive configurations for the asset storage containers. NOTE: System supports separation of configuration for Archive and Regular containers. Value can not be changed after Lifecycle policy is created.

  • User is able to configure Retention policy that governs the automated removal of asset files based on their age. NOTE: If Retention Policy is followed by Archive policy, in this case Assets will be moved to the configured Archive container.

  • User is able to configure the Quota Policy that governs the space restrictions of the containers and the automatic removal of asset file based on available space.

    • Within the Quota policy User can set a percentage threshold in which a notification will be triggered to configured emails if the asset container is reaching its quota.

    • Quota Policy allows setting First In First Out (FIFO) policy. If True, the oldest asset files will be cleared to make room for new files. Percentage threshold field needs to be configured to determine at which level asset files will be cleared. 

  • User is able to configure an Archive Policy that governs the archiving of files to another asset storage container.NOTE: only containers, configured as Archive can be selected for this configuration.

  • User should set an Enforcement Schedule to determine when scheduled background Lifecycle policy tasks should be triggered.

Enhancements and Updates: 

  1. All Settings grid was updated with a new UI (folder view).

  2. API module Templates and Module settings were improved for better UX.

  3. A Hangfire link was added to the Main Menu dropdown.

Application Corrections and Bug Fixes:

License Except Logic no longer working

WHE Accounts Exempt Flag Not Setting

SMS - Templates Won't Save

SMS Won't Process, Insufficient Logging

Provider/Sender Selection on Module Card is Broken

Update Module Processing to Use DAM Storage Provider CRUD Methods

DAM Container License check on processing path parsing.

Fix for License Exempt Logic no longer working.

SCH - Fix for issue with exceptions on Hangfire triggered jobs passing up to Hangfire causing repeated retry attempts from Hangfire resulting in duplicate trigger exceptions in SCH.

Fix for API - JSON Parsing Error when Response is an Unnamed Array.

Fix for API - POST Request is failing due to unreplaced variables.

DAM Modules - Update Processing_Handler to Track Asset Usage Through DAM Methods

EMM - Fixed exception issue with cancel actions resulting in no events to process.

EMM - Updated to prevent exception bubbling up to Hangfire and causing multiple retry attempts of the recurring job.

API - Fixed issue with token handler initializing before variable replacements.

API - Updated verbose logging and exception handling.

FTP - Fixed File downloading issue.

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