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Changelog: v2.1 - 2023.12.22

New Functionality:

1. The File Transfer Module (FTP): Download from FTP functionality added. 

  • Download files from a remote FTP folder and store them on the local file system in a specific folder.

  • User can filter files by providing specific file names, wildcards including all files (*.*) or specific file types or extensions (*.pdf). Database variables ({Customer}invoice.pdf}) or and global variables ({todaysdate}invoice.pdf) are also supported.

  • User has options to automatically remove files from the FTP source folder or remove entire directory once files are transferred successfully.

Enhancements and Updates: 

  1. FTP module full name was relabeled to “File Transfer Module”.

  2. Job event details dialog was updated to show previously occurred error message in a separate dialog if current event status is “Completed”.

  3. SPM and BTI mapping tables were reworked to have a separate table for IN and OUT parameters.

  4. SPM Module was refactored to have drop-down options depend on parameter type and “IsNullable” state.

Application Corrections and Bug Fixes:

SQL - AQB error displaying was fixed.

WMS - Json payload creation was fixed.

Issue with z-index on templates grid page was fixed.

Completed updates to TemplateRepos.

Completed updates to JobRepos.

CSV Array Targeting Issue/Runaway Logs.

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