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Changelog: v2.5 - 2024.02.23

New Functionality:

Digital Asset Manager was added to OxyGen. 

  • User can create and configure Container Type as a root level of Asset Management System and assign it to containers. 

  • User can create a Container under Container Type so it is shown and available in the Asset Management System.

  • User can configure different Security policies for containers or container types: 

  • Public - Public asset containers will have their files available to anyone who has the full URL to the asset.

  • Secured - Secured asset contains will have their files available via the URL however it will require a user to login to the application first.  

  • Internal -  Internal asset containers are only accessible via the OxyGen application.

  • Admin can mark containers as exempt to exclude them from the license system and hide from non-Admin Users.

  • User can archive/unarchive created containers. Archived containers are not visible in the Asset Manager.

  • User can manage folder structure and assets for container using the Asset Management System:

    • User can create, rename or delete folder and all its child objects.

    • User can upload, preview, rename or delete asset.

NOTE: User can preview only formats that are supported by User’s browser.

  • User can access Asset Manager from several places:

    • Main menu header (all container types are available)

    • Module settings (modules that have browse functionality, all container types are available)

    • HTML Ulayer (only containers with Public Security policy are available)

    • Notes/Annotations upload image functionality (all container types are available)

  • Several modules were updated to support new DAM system (WMM, ARM, CSV, FIM, DMM, BGM, DHE, PPM, ZFM, FTP, EMM and HTM).

Enhancements and Updates: 

All grids were updated to support columns resize functionality.

Application Corrections and Bug Fixes:

License recalculation on App start was fixed.

API - Implement Target Array Name to Replace Response Data Target Path

Parameters are Broken and Boolean Parameter Is not Saving it's Value

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