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Changelog: v2.4 - 2024.02.09

Updated: Mar 1

New Functionality:

  1. Delayed processing management was added to OxyGen. 

  • Delayed processing queues (Queue Grids) are module specific. With the current release EMM Queue management was delivered. 

  • Queue Grid can be opened from different places: 

    • Toolbar tool on the Module Card

    • Module Event Grid

    • Main Menu panel

  • Queue Grid supports filtering and sorting.

  • Queue Grid supports the following Global Actions:

    • Pause queue - This option allows us to pause the delayed processing of a given module. User is able to set a specific time when queue should be automatically resumed or set “Never”.

    • Resume queue - This will resume the delayed processing of a given module.

    • Auto resume - When saved, a one time hangfire will be created/updated with a unique identifier for this queue to Auto Resume.Queue Pause Timer Countdown displays time left for Module processing to be active again.

  • Queue Grid supports the following Master Queue Actions:

    • Cancel all - Marks all pending entries on the Grid as status “Canceled”.

    • Reset all - Resets all the pending entries' retry attempts back to 0 if they are unprocessed.

  • Along with this User is able to Cancel\Reset sigle Grid row.

2. Ability to review and update Email Message was added to OxyGen. 

  • User is able to open Email Message from different places:

    • EMM Queue grid

    • EMM Events grid

    • EMM Event details dialog

  • User is able to adjust Email Message if the event status is “Queued”. Once updated, User is able to review Original email message, Date and User updated.

3. Header Main Menu was updated:

  • New section named “Status” was added. Dropdown menu allows User to open Workflow Triggers, Queue Grid and License Info dialogs.

4. Workflow Triggers Grid was updated to match Queue Grid layout and common functionality:

  • Header was updated to have filters, Pausing and Global Action section.

  • Ability to Pause/Resume/Autoresume was added to the Workflow Triggers. UI and functionality matches Queue Grid realization.

  • Ability to Cancel all triggers was added to the Grid.

Enhancements and Updates: 

  1. DTM Module Card Template was updated to display data in the table format.

  2. User passwords hashing was added to the system. NOTE: Applies to Brand new users and “Update password” functions.

  3. Unique Template name validation was added to the BE and FE.

Application Corrections and Bug Fixes:

EMM - FIXED: EMM sends the same message each time when looping is on.

LBM - FIXED: LBM wont process an output that has no criteria logic.

DRM - FIXED: Line breaks are being lost after saving record.

CSV - FIXED: Header Spec is not replacing variables correctly in BULK processing mode.

Spelling errors were fixed.

EMM -  FIXED: SMTP Test Connection is Passing the Test Address as The Sender Address

DRM Bug Fix - Target array name assignment updated to work for multi-payload or single payload processing.

EMM - Removed all dependencies on the EMM_Queue table.

Implemented auto resume from paused state at application startup.

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