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Changelog: v2.0 - 2023.12.08

Updated: Feb 8

New Functionality:

1. The File Import Module (FIM) has been added to OxyGen.

  • This module allows the initiation of Workflow execution by importing a file into the system.

  • Create File Specifications for further use during File Import automated validation.

  • File Specifications can be created from scratch or based on an uploaded Sample file. View, edit, and delete File Specifications and add them to the FIM Module on the Workflow Canvas.

  • The module supports visual indicators (cell and header colors) for File Specification/Import validation results.

  • FIM has the ability to use Batch and Row-by-Row processing modes.

  • Additionally, it allows the addition of payload parameters using URL queries and the "Build JSON" Module's control.

2. A new module, the Bulk Table Import Module (BTI), has been added to OxyGen.

  • This module provides the ability to upload data to the selected Database table.

  • The BTI module supports Bulk Processing, significantly increasing the speed of data insert operations.

  • The module also supports variable syntax, providing the ability to insert data from the Payload data sets.

Enhancements and Updates: 

  1. OPTFileAccessClass - Implement dedicated Read/Write functions for module processing recovery data read/writes.

  2. OPTFileAccessClass - Implement retry logic for all methods on exceptions in case of file locking deadlocks.

Application Corrections and Bug Fixes:

  • All modules - Download file from the payload was fixed in the job event dialog.

  • Folders - Folders export/Import function was fixed to have accurate metadata.

  • CSS minor improvement were made for better user experience.

  • DMM - Workflow triggers grid was fixed to display triggers Parent-Child relation.

  • SPM - SPM publishing and logging issue was fixed.

  • All modules - logging was refactored, logging issues were fixed.

  • DTM - DTM Source was fixed to support only one source.

  • Duplicated connections (Edges) on the Canvas issue was fixed.

  • Update Message Packet Build Process

  • Error Logging Issues

  • DMM Not Processing Correctly fix.

  • Update Event Repos with Inherited Base Class Functions.

  • Corrected an exception in ServiceOutputHandler.FilterElementsWithOutputValue when a JSON element was not a JTokenType.Object in the recursive loop to filter JSON outputs.

  • DMM - Corrected issue for parent triggers created with a zero integer in the Parent_Trigger_Id field instead of a Null value. Affected grid displays.

  • DMM - Corrected EventRepo.SetFileEventStatus null reference exception on a connection object that was already closed.

  • Corrected FileParser.parseCSVFileToDataTable parameter signature issue and updated method call in DMM processing.

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