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Changelog: v1.8 - 2023.10.06

New Functionality:

1. The Workflow folder structure has been added to the Workflows page:

  • Users are able to create, rename, delete, and create folder hierarchies. The folder hierarchy is displayed in a collapsible tree-view structure.

  • Users are able to create workflows within the appropriate folders

  • Users can use the drag-and-drop feature to easily manage folder and workflow nesting.

  • The 'Ungrouped' root folder contains all orphaned workflows.

  • The delete action supports two options:

    • Removing the workflows in the folder and its child folders.

    • Orphaning workflows by moving them to the 'Ungrouped' root folder and removing the folder and its child folders.

  • Users can use either breadcrumbs or the folder tree to navigate through the folders.

2. New Global Variables are added to the system:

  • Users are able to use Global Variables that support date replacement using different formats.

3. New transformation tool is added to the DTM module:

  • The “Format” tool allows User to convert numbers and dates to appropriate format defined by a User.

Enhancements and Updates:

  • New folders library was added to the project (kendo-react/tree-view)

  • Input Triggers (except FFM) were updated to mirror the incoming payload to the outgoing payload event field for consistency.

  • All Json builder controls were updated to use the new library (svelte-jsoneditor).

  • SQL Select query type was enhanced to support “Single” and “All” options.

  • Service Processing of the payload has been updated to maintain the JSON hierarchy when extracting JSON by outputs.

  • EMM and SMS modules with delayed processing have been updated to properly handle the payloads and when to pass to BUS based on all events completed.

  • RecoveryInterval and RecoveryMax controls have been implemented for the FE and BE for all modules when Auto recovery is enabled.

Application Corrections and Bug Fixes:

  • ARM - Fixed date range exception from UTC formatted date values.

  • Trigger Modules Missing Data for Outgoing Payload Field was fixed.

  • WHE/FFM - Missing Fields from Event Tables updated.

  • Implement Service Module Error Message and StackTrace Messages on the Event Record.

  • SQL - AQB custom expression editor was added

  • SQL - AQB IFrame integration was updated to support large SQL queries.

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