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Changelog: v1.7 - 2023.09.22

New Functionality:

1. Events Grids were moved from the MVC side to React UI.

  • Event Grids support 3 different tables:

    • Workflow Triggers - a list of triggers for the selected Workflow.

    • Workflow Trigger Events - a list of all events within the Workflow execution.

    • Job Events - a list of events executed for a particular module.

  • Supports ability to open grids from different pages: Management page, Workflows page and Workflow Canvas.

  • New toolbar tools were added to open Event grids directly from the module cards on the canvas page.

  • All grids support filtering and sorting and allow User to walk through their hierarchy using eye icon.

  • Job Events grid has an Event Details dialog that includes all the fields required for job execution result investigation.

  • Event details dialog supports advanced view for technical Users.

2. Management page

  • A new dashboard page was added, combining analytical data (triggers) with a redirection to OxyGen settings.

Enhancements and Updates:

  • New json viewer library was added to the project (svelte-jsoneditor)

  • WHE - WHE Info dialog was enhanced to have Test Connection functionality

  • New URL parameters were added to the React UI pages (HideHeader, HideMenu)

  • IFrame headers were updated to pass vulnerability scunning.

  • Service job event tables and event grid Details now include exception message and stack trace information.

Application Corrections and Bug Fixes:

  • DMM: Made the Schedule field nullable on the BE

  • SCH/WMS/DMM: Manual run execution now checks workflow activity status

  • Added FE validation on 'Workflow Name' field length.

  • EMM: Made “Username” and “Password” fields optional on the BE.

  • EMM: “Encryption” field was not not displaying correctly after saving on BE.

  • ARM: Issue with Pending status left in job event after a trigger cancel.

  • SCH: Issue with One-Time scheduled jobs allowing workflow publishing if the scheduled date was expired.

  • Added Auto recovery Interval and Max Attempts to service jobs as Auto Recovery settings.

  • WHE/FFM: Missing Fields from Event Tables updated.

  • Fixed issue with cron expression resulting in seconds as minutes.

  • SPM: Duplicate Key Error was fixed.

  • EMM: Delayed Processing Issue With In-Active Job.

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