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Changelog: v1.6 - 2023.09.04

New Functionality:

  • Implemented OxyGen Licensing Scheme.

    • Support for trial, subscription, feature and consumption based licenses.

    • Support for online/offline activation

    • Support for online/offline deactivation.

    • Support for automatic daily license update and sync.

    • Support for manual license update and sync.

    • License validation on application startup, workflow start, record save, workflow publish and settings template save.

    • Added "Licensing Info" screen.

    • Added visible consumption counters.

    • Added "Out of Compliance" checks.

  • EMM Module new features.

    • Added request delivery receipts with custom recipient support.

    • Added request read receipts with custom recipient support.

Enhancements and Updates:

  • Refactored OxyGen startup routine for better performance.

  • Implemented new Mutex SyncLocker for DMM, SCH, and ARM.

  • ARM: Now supports reports with no parameters.

  • All modules will now send Standard Out and Error Outputs together.

    • Be sure to use the Has Data/Processed Output if you want workflow to abort on error.

  • Verbiage improvements in various module templates.

  • Updated application to .Net Standard 2.0.3 across the board.

  • Annotation HTML editor size was increased for better readability.

  • The workflow grid has been updated to disallow users from changing the 'Running' property if the workflow is in one of the pending statuses ('Waiting', 'Publishing').

Application Corrections and Bug Fixes:

  • Locked workflow activity status while publishing.

  • Removed draft backup creation on published workflow when in lockdown mode.

  • Corrected issue with blank canvas opening periodically.

  • Corrected issue with workflow grid having incorrect message for pending workflow statuses.

  • EMM: Fixed "Retry Attempts" to be saved correctly.

  • SCH: Fixed "Run this Now" Bug when there was no schedule attached.

  • SCH: Corrected timing/race condition issues with completed triggers.

  • ARM: Fixed output issue with non PDF report outputs selections.

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