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Changelog: v1.4 - 2023.07.29

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

New Functionality:

  • SMS Module - New Module

    • Send SMS messages via supported providers.

    • Support for Twilio provider currently.

    • Custom provider templates allowing for dynamic settings.

    • Support for multiple senders phone numbers and provider instances.

    • Message can be defined as either statically or using templates.

  • Data Transformation Module (DTM) - New Module

    • Adjust the payload by chaining a series of tools together to transform the data.

    • Select from multiple transformation tools.

      • Payload Transformations

        • Flatten Key - Flattens nested JSON objects by concatenating keys with a deliminator such as an underscore (_) or period (.).

        • Add Key - Adds a new key-value pair to the payload.

        • Remove Key - Removes a key-value pair from the payload.

        • Rename Key - Renames a key in the payload.

        • Change Key Type - Changes the type of a value in the payload (e.g., string, integer, float, boolean).

      • String Transformations

        • Concatenate - Concatenates multiple source values with a specified delimiter.

        • Replace - Replaces an old value with a new value in the specified source.

        • Left - Trims the source value from the right, keeping the specified number of characters from the left.

        • Right - Trims the source value from the left, keeping the specified number of characters from the right.

        • Substring - Trims the source value based on the specified start and length values.

        • Trim - Removes leading and trailing white-spaces from the source value.

        • Pad - Pads the source value with a specified character to reach the desired length; can pad either to the left or right.

        • Lower - Converts the source value to lowercase.

        • Upper - Converts the source value to uppercase.

      • Date Transformations

        • Format Date - Formats a date value in the payload based on a specified format.

        • Add/Subtract Time - Adds a specified amount of time (years, months, days, hours, minutes, seconds) to a date value in the payload.

      • Numeric Transformation

        • Add - Adds a specified amount of time (years, months, days, hours, minutes, seconds) to a date value in the payload.

        • Subtract - Subtracts the value of the second source from the first source in the payload.

        • Multiply - Multiplies the values of two specified sources in the payload.

        • Divide - Divides the value of the first source by the value of the second source in the payload.

        • Math Expression - Evaluates a mathematical expression using values from the payload.

        • Round - Rounds a decimal value in the payload to the specified number of decimal places.

  • Directory Monitoring Module (DMM) - New Module

    • Configure module to look at a user defined server directory and automatically grab all the qualifying files for processing.

    • The following file types should be supported: .csv, .xls, .xlsm, and .xlsx.

    • Module Processing starts on a recurring schedule, one time schedule or manually.

Enhancements and Updates:

  • Added a new React library to provide User with a better UI/UX for Drag&Drop functionality (DND Kit)

  • Added a new React libraries for Phone input and validation to cover E.164 standard (React-Phone-Input-2 and Google LibPhoneNumber)

  • Updated Kendo React Buttons library version from 5.7.0 to 5.14.1.

  • Updated Kendo React Dropdowns library version from 5.7.0 to 5.14.1.

  • Archived and Deleted Templates validation during publishing

    • If User tries to publish workflow that has archived or deleted Accounts/Templates in it, System prevents User from publishing and requires fields to be updated.

  • Draft Manager improvements

    • System prevents creation of a new draft if there is revision is status “Publishing”, “Waiting”, “Draft”.

    • Workflow name was added to the “Confirm deletion” dialog.

  • ARM Module improvements

    • Variable syntax {My_var} was added to the report’s parameter value field.

Application Corrections and Bug Fixes:

  • Workflow publishing is not available for “Waiting” revision status.

  • FTP: Get Directory/Full Listing Buttons do not retrieve data.

  • Advanced Controls in Mode Select are no Longer Hidden.

  • HTM: Output to Payload parameter not initialized correctly.

  • SQL: Query builder saves changes to published workflow local storage backup.

  • EMM: Adding multiple recipients to receive email.

  • DHE: Rename "Connection String" to "Connection" in the config.

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