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Changelog: v1.3 - 2023.07.08

New Functionality:

  • Node and Workflow Comments

    • Create transactional comments for module and annotation cards.

    • View, Edit and Delete transactional comment messages from the side panel.

    • Visual Indicator of number of comments available at the module, annotation or workflow level.

  • Node Groups

    • Create group of modules and annotation cards

    • Add and Remove modules and annotation cards to/from an existing group.

    • Delete group and associated modules and annotations cards.

    • Resize groups dynamically or manually.

  • Module Configuration Validation

    • Validation warning added to module configuration.

    • Validation errors are presented prior to the publishing process.

  • Import/Export

    • Export Entire Workflow, Node Groups, Selection of Nodes, or Single Node.

    • Import any combination of nodes and groups to append to the current workflow.

  • Refresh option added to all data grids.

  • Help instructions for various module and template configurations options.

Enhancements and Updates:

  • Update React version from 17.0 to 18.2.

  • Update ReactFlow library version from 11.5 to 11.7.

  • Draft Recovery Enhancements

    • Backup draft changes to local browser in case of browser timeout or crash.

    • Recover draft backup when entering back into the workflow editor on the same browser/computer.

  • FTP Module - Enhancements

    • Added upload support of folder with .ppk file in zip archive.

Application Corrections and Bug Fixes:

  • Annotation card styles and functions were adjusted to better process resizing and block resizing functionality for published workflow.

  • PPM module page normalization was fixed to have proper Scaling and Rotation configurations.

  • Dialog wording was changed to be more accurate (confirmation of editing and publishing workflow, revision info).

  • Drop Down styles were updated to have a common layout and have abilities like cleaning up the option, searching for the option and having auto-completion.

  • Some extra context menus were added to the system, styles & behavior were updated to have UI friendly design such as icons for actions.

  • Updated template validation check to prevent deletion of templates still assigned to jobs.

  • SMTP server insert or editing of configurations from EMM job configurations.

  • Global corrections to error logging process to prevent runaway logging conditions.

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