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Business Process Management solutions

OxyGen is a powerful low-code BPM solution for creating workflows with ease. Our drag-and-drop interface makes it simple to automate processes, generate reports, and integrate with other systems. With automated business alerts and customer notifications, you'll be able to streamline your processes and boost productivity like never before.

Mountains in Clouds


Revolutionize your workflows and integrations

Unleash Creativity:

Effortlessly create powerful workflows using our intuitive Drag and Drop Interface for tasks like automated reports, business alerts, and dynamic document delivery.

Seamless Integration:

Connect independent processing elements like building blocks to build customized workflows and integration logic.

Boost Efficiency:

Diverse Triggers & Data I/O modules handle scheduled workflows, file uploads, web hooks, API calls, and SQL queries with finesse.

Intelligent Logic:

Implement Data Validation, Logic Comparison, Data Transformation and Logic Branch modules for streamlined data flow and accuracy.

Create Rich Content:

Empowering Composition modules generate HTML, automated reports, barcodes, CSVs, and more.

Efficient Output Methods:

Leverage versatile output modules to publish workflow outputs to multiple destinations, be it via email, FTP, or SMS, assuring a smooth completion of each workflow stage.


How OxyGen Works


Low-Code Interface

Our low-code interface makes it easy to create custom workflows for your business needs.

OxyGen Workflow
OxyGen Module Library


It's all about the modules

OxyGen is designed as an ecosystem of independent processing elements that connect like building blocks. This modular approach gives users unparalleled flexibility to build workflows and integration logic that best suits their needs.



OxyGen is a unified platform to automate all of your systems.  Equipped with sophisticated data manipulation capabilities, robust communication tools, and intuitive document creation features it takes your business beyond the linear integration to intelligent automation. We believe in empowering businesses to craft a streamlined, cohesive ecosystem where every process, every integration, every function enables you to become a more efficient organization.

OxyGen Architecture

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